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Wednesday, 21 November 2018

'Create Experiences Of Every Parameter'

The algorithms written into this program we know as 'The Game Of Life' are powerful, compelling, and are set to 'create experiences of every parameter'. This virtual world IS meant to appear real; to feel real, and to convince us it is real. For that is the VERY POINT of this world of experiences of every parameter.

We are not wrong to fall for the ruse that this is a real world. We are not being deceived by the trojan horse that certain waveforms are bringing into this reality. We are not being fooled by any of this. Because the only way to get the 'full flavour of any fruit is to bite into it and taste the fruit'; and that is what the majority of us are doing very well.

Neither is it wrong for 'conspiracy theorists' to question everything; or for the likes of us to present viewpoints relating to the advance of the AI; and this being a virtual world. The parameters are set to 'create every experience'; that is exactly what it taking place. Here on this virtual world in our lucid dream where we are meant to believe we are not the observer but the explorer. Also, we explore parameters on other dream worlds; in other dream dimensions; when the explorer 'sleeps' and The Observer is free to go walk about.

It is all meant to be. The world is apparently gone crazy and out of control because of the algorithms being set to 'create experiences of every parameter'. We must accept this and get on with our lucid dreaming ... as both the observer and the explorer. Because we are multiples by nature.