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Thursday, 29 November 2018

An Audience Of One

It's always on a Thursday! But what we've had is our first post ever with 0 visitors. Yes, you read it ... a post with 0 visitors ... some agency has worked its socks off to get us down from daily posts visits of 1500+ this time last year to a magnificent 0 daily post visits ...

Well done A.I! ... you're really showing everyone aren't you by your search algorithms what is off limits ... because there are ounces of truths and revealings that give you a cringe value ...

 What you are forgetting, or won't comprehend because you have no human reasoning or understanding, is we do this blog for the sheet pleasure of it. It's a pastime. A down time after a day's work. It matters not if there are 50,000 or 1 person viewing them.

Ironically, yesterday I watched something on UK TV which is poignant here. An Englishman had been broadcasting a radio show from his shed for the last 44 years and had a audience of ONE person. His wife. When interviewed about it he mentioned that he was taught as a presenter that all you ever concentrate on is having one person as an audience ... its very true. I concentrate on an audience of one too ... me, myself and I ... I blog for myself. I am the audience. Anyone else is a bonus.

So it might register as 0 visitors on a post for the first time. But that info is wrong ... I read the post ... so that's one person. Plus the register is bias anyway ... I know from responses there are far more than I'm being told there are ....

It's funny being the Mountain Goat and having something try to divert the questioning sheep away from me. Really Funny.

"One of the great paradoxes of creative work is that what we create for an audience of one is much more likely to reach an audience of millions.

Creating for an audience of one allows us to focus on the process instead of the outcome, the craft instead of the prize. Focused on the process, we tap into an abundance of beautiful things.

We experience visible progress, which is one of our biggest motivators. We lose ourselves in the work and in the moment, experiencing deep states of flow, which are so blissful that we keep coming back to get a taste of that feeling." (WWW.MEDIUM.COM)