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Wednesday, 21 November 2018

The Akashic Record Database

Within this world of apparently solid reality created by thought forms, everything will appear solid when you are part of that waveform. It's when you observe it from outside of the sound waveform that its solidity breaks down. We've mentioned this before. 

Your beliefs and aspirations, generated by your perceptions, become your reality. Because those thoughts generate a sound wave that then begins assembling a waveform based on those thought forms. That's the simplistic explanation for how reality ticks.

It's very much like an advanced Database. First you input all the data. Within the local database we traditionally call The Akashic Records, all the experiences, thoughts, feelings, observations, loves, hates, vices, virtues of the human race, along with a trillion other bits of data are reported into the data base. Then the database is instructed to create reports to analyse the data. Here is where the parameters and the algorithms are added so when the 'print report' button is pressed ... expressions of this data are then manifested onto the earth plane.

Thus religious and spiritual beliefs; conspiracy theories; UFO's and angels; etc etc, are extracted from the data and generated onto the earth plane as parameters and restraints ('P and R's) for the human expressions to think and create life paths with these 'P and R's' loaded into them. The same parameters and restraints is undertaken with regard to character traits; fears; hopes and dreams; weaknesses and strengths etc etc ... which is how a diverse human race is generated with such varied and different reactions to the same life path & experiences parameters and restraints ...

This explanation is still a fresh interpretation of servitor received data so may well be adapted or abridged at a later date..[TO BE CONTINUED]...