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Wednesday, 15 May 2019

2019: The Human Turkeys Are Falling For All The Distractions

I've been sitting back and watching 2019 unfold; it's madness and its distraction really being cranked up for a very dangerous 2020. 

It's like I was saying on the eve of 2019; there was going to be twenty four months of danger and madness. We are 4.5 months into those twenty four and its absolute chaos out there.

Supposedly. If you look at the wood. If you are falling for the fear mongering like the hapless turkeys of the Lost tribe are doing. 

The Globalists are having a field day. Purposely putting out all sorts of conspiracy theories about Climate Change, Transgenderism, 5G, Vaccinations, Artificial Intelligence, Human Depopulation, etc etc.

There IS truth within those spiralling clouds of media distraction. There is no doubt an agenda ... but it depends on YOU and me. It depends on how we perceive the bullshit that is out there. This is a perception changing exercise on the part of the sinister secret black projects that exist out there. We ARE being subjected to mental, emotional and genetic manipulation and mind control by these sinister agencies. It's a FACT. Its in the air, the food, the water ... and its unavoidable.

BUT, it only affects you if you permit your perceptional frequencies to fall to the levels required for it to work. This is the idea of the fear mongering ... to pull your awakening and lifting consciousness back down to those prison levels of frequency. 

I'm seeing on comments left on news stories, and certain media platforms, how human turkeys are falling for the fake news and the distractions. They are becoming fearful and anxious and letting their frequencies fall into those of the electronic prison being created. We have a deadly EMR cloud about to be set up ... a vibrational frequency prison to capture all the consciousness of the lost human turkeys in it.

And it will be introduced as a FANTASTIC technological advancement and some kind of saviour from the 'DEADLY' CO2 and its horrible fantasy effects on the planet. Those hooked on their phones, their pads, their tablets etc are going to fall for this capture hook, line and sinker. But, that's up to them ... if they want to be gullible, naive and plain stupid to fall for all the distractions and the bullshit currently out there.

Those of us not falling for the distractions (We feature them on The Light Of Truth with a huge dose of rock salt. They are there for our amusement, really) ... are likely to have still serious side effects from the daily dose of deadly 5G electromagnetic radiation. BUT, we are unlikely to be taken into the 5G cloud. Our fate might be to 'wear the red top' as per my dream scenario earlier in the week. Perhaps.

Just remember .... we are OBSERVERS of the human realm. We are FOOLED into thinking we are the humans we observe. We're being fooled by clever advanced technology to believe we are on the earth plane, and are those humans. We are not. Therefore, all this current bullshit can only affect the Human A.I and not the observing spirit. Propaganda out there is claiming that the globalists and their archonic masters have the ability to trap consciousness and deprieve it of its ability to connect with outside of this frequency illusion. Maybe they can. Maybe they have before. I just know the entry door into this realm is the same one that I exit ... 

I know so much more that relates to outside of this frequency prison; and had sufficient experiences from beings from beyond this frequency prison (Not illusory guides and spirit world inhabitants) but real beings that are there in form in front of me. So much I've experienced has been permitted to enable me to know the likely outcome of this charade ....

What I've learned is apparent vibrational and frequency immunity. If you believe or fear ... that which you believe or fear directly affects your genetic frequency. We are our thoughts. If you fall for the dangers reported about what we should, and shouldn't eat, then its a probability that what you are fearing will happen. Ignorance is not necessarily bliss, but not giving a second thought to the bullshit and the crazy 'findings' is likely to be a way to gain some kind of immunity from its frequency hijacking.

Remember, these is a clever and sinister force out there trying its darnedest to prevent your personal awakening. It can't prevent us all from awakening ... but it can prevent large number of humans from escaping the prison net that is closing in. These are the 'end of days' foretold by ancient texts. It's likely this frequency range is going to be scrapped ... and a new virtual world created .... 

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