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Friday, 24 May 2019

Labour pledges to put climate emergency on school curriculum

Humans are like Turkeys willingly jumping onto the Christmas dinner plate. They are blindly surrending their lives; writing their own epitaph and this is their swansong - a generation of mind controlled and brainwashed children falling for the myth that common man is responsible for the climate change apparently in our faces.

The truth is ... the same insane globalists who've created the myth, and generate the climate change anxiety, are the ones who've created the climate change. Chemtrails and weather manipulation is the cause of the 'mess'. Deliberate deception; dangerous problem-reaction and now the solution. 

Well kids, lets hope you are happy ... the mass genocide of mankind is on your heads. Well done! CO2 is a gas of life and is not the poisonous evil you think it is. Maybe you will realise too late ... those behind the government have played you. Your demands are the 'something must be done' they need to provide the solution ... but it is not the one we want. Tell you what, you can be the first ones to volunteer to be culled ... you will be helping to save the earth after all.

[David Icke]: Labour has pledged to make the global climate emergency a core element of the school curriculum from primary school onwards, in response to demands by young people taking part in a series of school climate strikes.

As young activists around the world prepare for another day of strike action on Friday, Labour’s shadow education secretary Angela Rayner said a Labour government would ensure that the climate crisis was an educational priority and that all young people were taught about its ecological and social impact.

Labour is promising to review the school curriculum and provide a new focus on the knowledge and skills needed in a world increasingly shaped by climate change, with a view to better equipping young people for the green technology jobs of the future.

Rayner said: “Today, young people are taking to the streets to send a clear message to the government that climate change will be a fundamental and defining feature of their adult lives, and we must take the action needed to tackle it.

“We need to equip people with the knowledge to understand the enormous changes we face, and skills to work with the new green technologies that we must develop to deal with them.' more>>>...

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