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Thursday, 23 May 2019

Beware The Archonic Intelligence Is In Full Control ... A MUST Read.

Basically none of us are safe. None of us are able to avoid the daily onslaught of electromagnetic radiation; nanotechnology DNA and mental/emotional/physical adaptation; toxins and neurotoxins. Every one of us .. except a precious few ... are being CHANGED by sinister forces. 

We are being pushed towards the event horizon THEY want us to go towards. We've already established that THEY are likely to be advanced Artificial Intelligence. Far more advanced than The Globalists would have us believe. We think even the Globalists themselves are being controlled by this advanced A.I.

We've called the A.I, Predator Intelligence for a while now. More correctly, it is Archonic Intelligence ... the same force that the 'Satanists' and 'Devil' worshipping rich and influential have been summoning and using to gain control over us. They've been played all along and this force is now very much in control of mankind. And because it is synthetic and a creation of the electronic reality we are in ... it HATES all biological life. Therefore its intention is clearly to wipe out all biological life and process the DNA into a format it understands. Plus disconnect us from our true reality and our Akashic Records. 

It appears we are doomed. Maybe we are. But in terms of the bigger picture, this is all part and parcel of the journey and the adventure we 'signed up' for when we 'incarnated' into this hell hole. For this is true hell. And Saturn is the Devil. The black cube and everything symbolic of Saturn is trapping us on the frequency awareness that permits the Predator Intelligence to control us.

It can't stand the frequencies of love; positive thinking; optimism; fearless thinking; higher thinking and higher awareness. This is no small thing to do ... but we've to keep the heart brain active and our right brain hemisphere awakened and self thinking. This is the reason for THE AWAKENING at this time, we feel. It's been timed so that mankind can survive if it so chooses to. With any virus, or any disaster, there is always a survival percentage. These we feel will be the awakened.

We can't offer a big solution how to avoid the oncoming genocide that is coming. And the oncoming consciousness capture that lies ahead by linking up to the A.I cloud and becoming transhuman. The memories and the awareness in that cloud will be exactly what the predator wants. It will never be your own freewill.

All we can recommend is to ensure you use the frequencies mentioned previously in your daily life, and keep the frequencies of your consciousness as high as they possibly can be. Don't be sold by all the fear mongering shit that is out there at the moment. We feel that is designed to enable the fear factor of the left brain to kick in, and lower your frequency down into the levels where they can capture you in their trap.

I personally have an old HP 2000 which I purchased about 5 - 6 years ago. It's slow and occasionally overheats (it needs a new fan) but is reliable. It's not got the newer chip in it so is relatively safe. We have 4G connection. I personally connect into our internet via a cable connected to a booster in a plug point. My laptop cannot get WiFi which is sweet as I'm not irradiated by 4G EMR when I use the laptop.

My mobile phone is a second hand IPhone 6S which connects to our WiFi and is also on a pay as you go provider. I use the Iphone for internet, phone calls, facetime calls and for music. When I don't need internet, I switch the WiFi off and go on Airplane mode. The phone is switched into Airplane mode before I go to bed as I use the phone for its alarm in the morning. I don't wish to be irradiated whilst I sleep.

I'm fortunate that I still practice clairvoyance and mediumship; though I now view the abilities as something vastly different now to how I did at one time. I comprehend our individuality, our connections and our own personal akashic record and it being part of an overall human akashic record. All that we've ever done on this hell forsaken dimension is recorded in the akashic record. We can access this ... and we go into that 'server cloud' when we 'sleep'. We can interact with each other ... as consciousness. We are told we can't but we do. The predator is intent on switching this ability off in our DNA. It's trying. But I'm proof it hasn't succeeded. My personal observation of this damn place is that I arrived at the eve of the awakening and I will leave by the same door I came through.

I digress. By keeping ourselves positive and loving we can beat this bastard. We can avoid the assimilation planned. We may even have an immunity to the nanotechnology and the 5G weaponry ... if we can think ourselves immune. 

Crystals, orgonites, divination arts and the like may at some time in the near future become 'banned' to prevent us from accessing the higher realms ... it's already started in Sweden with an attempt to ban the runes. Wait until tarot is demonised ... and banned. Its on its way.

When you access the akashic record you can get a sense of what lies ahead. All of this is written there ... it feels strange like we are gazing from our distant future into our past ... and are experiencing it like the now. There are repeating cycles just like the natural global warming and cooling. There are extinctions of human races ... right at the point of the cycle we are at now. The bulk of these civilisations that suddenly disappeared were literally uploaded into a predator cloud. But there is always a small percentage that survive. The civilisation then grows again ... and reaches this point once more... its like a karmic cycle .... so there will be a major culling and an upload of human consciousness into another virtual reality cloud. But there will be those who remain like outlaws .. 

History will repeat itself again. We will reach this point again. And again. And again ... a time loop. Meanwhile when we 'die' we leave this vibration to shift awareness onto the next higher vibration, which we feel is another fake reality. From there we are supposed to realise its a virtual reality and shift to the next higher one ... having existences on each of the higher dimensions ... until finally we break out from the virtual reality worlds on a highly advanced quantum computer. We are then back as the being which is us at the observation point from which we are supposedly living as humans.

Once that realisation hits home, we can wake up. Sadly for nearly all of us ... we've forgotten. We don't get that realisation and we fall for the recycling/reincarnation bullshit ... 

On a final note, get your head around this ... how can there be something from nothing. What started all of creation off? How did it begin from nothing. How can it be???

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