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Saturday, 25 May 2019

The Tree Of Life Maps The Ways

I've always found the classic Kabbalah (Tree of Life) symbology very interesting. Since my early days of spiritual development, I worked closely with the Tree Of Life; but without any indoctrination into the Kabbalah. I've a deep respect for those who have studied that side of the magical concept that is the Tree Of Life.

It all began when I was a very young child, and a visitor from beyond what we call 'planeT earth' regularly came to talk with me at night. Not an apparition. Not a ghost. Not a figment of my imagination. But an actual traveller.

The traveller instructed me on the nature of this reality by taking me on actual journeys. Showing me actual places. Showing me how they were all connected.

Years later I was introduced to The Tree Of Life, and it all made sense. Now, as a traveller myself between the worlds, I comprehend the truth. It matters not that it is in direct opposite to what common man, women and child are taught. My perception of this earth plane(T) is different to theirs. I see it in a way they would think I was totally nuts if I was to divulge it to them. I go along with the convention just to appear like them. But in truth, my life is nothing like there life. I get travellers who regularly visit me ... waking me in the night, attacking me, distracting me. They don't travel through space from their distant lands. No, they travel via the land links that the tree of life illustration shows quite clearly. They know the key sounds that permits entry from one world to the next.

I was shown as a child, by the first traveller, a diagram of a realm with numerous concentric circles. My place of residence on 'earth' was at the centre of these concentric circles. These concentric circles was the universe that stretches out in every direction. Connected by land and sea to each other. I had this proven to me by the traveller taking me formlessly across these circles into different lands and different realms. This knowledge has always been with me. Not figments of imagination but remembered facts.

It means simply, I'm not at all concerned about this imminent culling of mankind. The race I am part of on the earth plane(T). Toxins and poisons are being ingested, yes. Electromagnetic radiation is playing its part yes. But, its immaterial. Its not seen as a distraction. It just is. It is something that will end the 'lives' of those it is meant to. There will be those who will be largely unaffected. That's the way it is. Attention is pointed towards things beyond these trivial things.

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