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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Greta 'Goldilocks' Thunberg: Youth Strike For Globalist Propaganda

[humansarefree]; Perhaps Greta Goldilock's amazing global reach is understandable when we consider that Greta’s rapid emergence upon the World stage didn’t just ‘happen,’ but rather appears to have been carefully coordinated by grown ups.

Her initial protest fortuitously coincided with the publication of her mother’s book. Greta’s mum, the opera singer Malena Ernman, worked with PR man Ingmar Rentzhog, who promoted her publication.

Rentzhog, coincidentally, launched his climate change social media campaign group “We Don’t Have the Time” the same day that Greta first started her protest. Making a tidy sum along the way.

Greta’s father, Swedish actor Svante Thunberg, said that the family knew nothing about Rentzhog’s use of Greta’s campaign to bring attention to his new lobby group. Surprising that Rentzhog never mentioned it to him when he was promoting his wife’s book. However, Rentzhog skill in public relations, and status as one of multi-millionaire venture capitalist Al Gore’s ‘climate network leaders,’ possibly helped to get Greta’s message out.

Just like all the other hundreds of thousands of children involved, there is absolutely no doubt that Greta is genuine in her concerns about the planet being destroyed by human beings’ CO2 emissions. How could she believe otherwise?

She is among the millions of schoolchildren who have been brought up to believe this scientifically illiterate gibberish.

The problem is, at the time, Greta was a child who was predominantly reliant upon what she was told by her parents, the media and her teachers.

Greta seems like a very intelligent young lady, so she is more than capable of critical thought. However, unless she has access to information, she has no hope of ever exercising any. That basic human right appears to have been stolen from her.

Greta, and millions of children around the world, have been more or less compelled to accept that the ‘science is settled.’ There is no debate and all the world’s leading climate scientists agree that CO2 emissions are the main contributor to global warming.

They have no chance of ever knowing this is complete tosh, because no one will ever tell them about the thousands of scientific papers which disagree.

This is because children are not being educated, they are being indoctrinated. They are not encouraged to explore all available evidence, ask searching questions or form their own opinions.

They are simply being inculcated into the new religion. Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW.) CO2, which is plant food, must be abolished. more>>>...

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