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Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Introducing 'The Light Of Truth Chronicles'

We've decided to give 'A Light In The Darkness blog' another new name. A more appropriate name considering current times. Hence ... 'The Light Of Truth Chronicles' ... which in our opinion explains what the blog is all about.   It's still the same, just better packaged to explain itself a bit more ...

As it says along the top of the blog ....

"Hello, and welcome to "A Light In The Darkness" - the realm of the mysterious and the occult; the paranormal and the supernatural; the unexplained and the controversial; and, not forgetting, of course, the conspiracy theories; including current concerns such as Artificial Intelligence; Chemtrails and Geo-engineering; 5G and EMR Hazards; The Global Warming Debate; Trans-Humanism; Trans-Genderism, The Vaccinations Outcry; UN Project 2030 and The Mass Culling Of Mankind ... and a whole lot more."

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