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Friday, 24 May 2019

The Omnipresent You

Everything appears to have changed, but nothing has changed at all. The now, you in the point of observation, never changes. It's what you observe that keeps altering, adapting to the collective perception of this virtual reality.

You never change. You are the same as when you first arrived in this apparent world. The human form you have been connected to goes through a software cycle known as ageing. But you are omnipresent in your singularity; in your version of this world.

But this world around you, this planeT is not how it appears to be. You perceive it how you are told it is; you are told how to perceive it. For example, if you were told from an early age, that the earth was flat and it was like a pond surrounded by high walls of ice .... and beyond that ice there was other land. Then that would be how you saw this world. And, if then others were to claim the earth was actually a round ball spinning through space; you would holler and deny their claims as being conspiracy theory. For your reality is shaped by the perception you are given.

And that is this physical reality. A reality of thought forms. Wave forms created by sound. Everything vibrating with its own unique frequency. A strange world of things that are not how they appear to be. Delusions and truth interacting within a mind field that your consciousness shares jointly with everything there is. By shifting your consciousness as if it were a dial, you are then able to interact with other parts of the mind field. That is telepathy. That is mediumship.

This reality is currently under adaptation by sinister consciousness. It is and it always has been. And possibly will always be. And that sinister consciousness is working to bend your will, shape your perception and get you to perceive a world the way it wishes you to be in. And when you believe those thoughts, which are not your own, that reality is created around you. A reality that will not be of your choosing. It is therefore important to keep your mind clear of unwanted thoughts. It is important to know who you are; how you feel and how you think all the time. To observe thoughts that are your own and recognise their frequencies. So when thoughts arise that don't vibrate on the same frequency ... you know they are not your own. These observations must be made all the time. For it is the only way to ward off the persistent glamours of this sinister consciousness.

Otherwise you will fall victim of those sinister thoughts; and enter into a perception of a desperate world. The perception they try so hard to have you perceive. And so many have fallen victim, But that is not your concern. Your now, remember, remains the same all the time. It is the perception of the future they attempt to change ... their compulsions are strong, but your knowledge of your true self is stronger..... 

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