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Friday, 31 May 2019

2019 - The Madness Is On The Rise ...But The Battle Is Far From Over.

Well. We did warn you! We did say that the brown stuff was going to hit the fan in 2019 and 2020; that life would never be the same. Now we are in it, and the brown stuff is getting deeper and deeper. We are almost drowning in it.

And the madness is unrelenting. The crazies have released the unbelievable and the unthinkable. It's cranked up and only going to get a whole lot worse as the 1% in control of the 1% at the top of the world pyramid step up the culling of the human vermin.

There's brainwashed followers of proven fake science. There's the agenda to mutilate human bodies and turn people into the alien ... the hybrid human ... from human to transgender to transhuman then computer human. Then its goodbye.

There's the very obvious geo-engineering and increased levels of chemical dumping into the skies all around the world. Chemtrails like never before. Weather tampering is going on ... to a crazy degree. Freak weather and unbelievable events being blamed on 'man-made climate change'. It's being hyped up to a level of total anxiety and unbelievable fear by crazy, brainwashed puppets like Greta Goldilocks and the Extinction Rebellion. When in truth you need to look at the super rich globalists ... and see how much money they are going to gain by it all. They've manufactured the weather systems; and blame it on climate change. They get the brainwashed kids to proclaim the something must be done.

Yes, it can be solved very easily. By switching off the weather making technology and stopping the chemtrails. But then they won't do that ... its part of their human culling agenda. They want the air we breathe ruined. And the soil. And the water. They want us breathing in nanoaluminium and nanotechnology and god knows what else. They want us all to die a slow and painful death. Such is their hatred for the vermin they see us as being.

Now 5G is rolling out across the UK and other countries of the world; all hope is lost. We can do nothing. Yes we can protest and get some of the 5G networks stopped. But for how long? They need the 5G so it will happen. They know it will have serious effects on all biological life on the planet. They are too insane to care. They are so close to their centuries old dream. They crave the ending. And they will stop at nothing to get it.

All their cards are being played. And their hand is ultimately the end of mankind in its current form. And the commencement of the next stage of human evolution. Its a new existence in AI controlled bodies within a fake reality within this fake reality. At least here you can escape and you have your own thinking. To a certain level of control yes. In the new reality all that goes. You become a machine with suppressed consciousness. There will be no escape and no linking to higher consciousness. You may be uploaded into the world brain. But you cease to be human.

That is their plan for some humans. The rest will be culled for soul recycling. The lucky ones can still escape. But the number is limited to so very few.

Its not a great prospect. But its an attempt to quosh the huge awakening on the planet. They had to ad lib, we feel, with certain things. Like the fake news and the anti-knowledge to try to stop the expanded awareness that was happening. They have been exposed. And it scares the total shit out of them.

We are still a threat even with our spirit energies so severely depleted. Sadly, things are about to go from worse to really bad. It has to. For it how it has been written. We have to evolve ... but not in the way they are manufacturing. This reality is old hat and there has been a software upgrade. Here is badly virused, and it is time to move on. We are meant to rise in vibration ... not sink to the crazy low level they plan. The battle is far from over ...................... 

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