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Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Children and EMFs: What you need to know

[S.O.T.T]: Children are far more vulnerable to the damaging effects of electromagnetic fields than we are. 

Your child's brain absorbs two to three times as many EMFs as yours, and sources of exposure are everywhere. What can you do?

Is your child's favorite pastime screen time?

Are you concerned about how much cumulative exposure your kids have to electromagnetic radiation at home and at school from computers, cell phones, tablets, electronic toys, cell towers, power lines and the like?

If not, you should be!

Children are more vulnerable than adults to the effects of EMF (electromagnetic frequencies or fields) for a number of reasons, and most are submerged in an electrosmog soup all day, every day. What are the risks?

Very few human studies have focused specifically on cell phone towers and cancer risk, but the latest studies about cell phones and brain cancer are very disturbing.

In 2016, the National Toxicology Program released the results from the largest cell phone study ever performed showing an undeniable association between nonionizing radiation and cancer. Rats exposed to the frequency of radiation emitted by cell phones developed two kinds of tumors: gliomas in the brain and schwannomas in the heart. These results align with several observational studies finding links to the same types of tumors in humans - plus acoustic neuromas and meningiomas.

You may have seen the news stories of late about cell towers near schools. A cancer cluster among young children at Weston Elementary School in Ripon, California, led to the shutdown and planned relocation of a Sprint cell tower.[i]

In 2016, one child from that school named Kyle Prime was diagnosed with kidney cancer. Five months later, his classmate Mason Ferrulli received a diagnosis of brain cancer. Two more kids and three teachers from Weston Elementary have received cancer diagnoses since 2016, along with two preschool-age children that live near the school, and a former student who was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of 22.

Many Ripon parents believe the recent flurry of cancer cases was caused by radiation from radio frequency (RF) waves coming from a cell tower located right on the school grounds. Their vociferous concerns and the resulting media attention forced the shutdown of that cell tower, but how many other schools are silently situated in the shadow of DNA-twisting, cancer-smoldering cell towers across the USA?

Cell towers are only part of the problem. The amount of exposure from living near a cell phone tower is typically many times lower than the exposure from using a cell phone, and far more children are glued to their cell phones than live in the shadow of cell towers. According to the Pew Research Center, the vast majority of teens have a cell phone and 45 percent are online on a near continuous basis. They also report that 75 percent of preteens and early teens sleep all night with their cell phone under their pillow.

One study reportedly found that using a cellphone for just 20 minutes per day increased an individual's brain tumor risk by 300 percent over the course of five years. But this is among adults... what about our children? more>>>...

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