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Thursday, 5 May 2016

While the World Wakes Up, the World Falls Apart

Waking Times: What a wild ride 2016 continues to be. The good news is that people continue to wake up in droves and it’s causing even the most highly indoctrinated to question the ‘beliefs’ they’ve been ‘designed’ with. Even the official 911 story is finally being questioned by those who never did their proper research, thanks to the recent Saudi Arabia debacle.

On the other hand, the shift is really hitting the fan. Examples include:

*banks finally admitting serious fraud (such as money laundering and precious metal market fixing);
*a culminating European refugee and banking crisis;
*massive Australian and Chinese ‘private-debt’ and ‘housing’ bubbles;
*increasing geopolitical tensions in the Middle East;
*amplifying earthquakes and volcanic activity along the ring of fire; and
*concerns over an escalating WWIII scenario, to cite but a few.

The list goes on and more>>>...