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Friday, 1 June 2018

'All Real To Them'

'It's all just an illusion, an illusion playing around in our minds. Albeit a persistent one. Like the thorn of the thistle trapped beneath the skin. It will take some effort to dig it out.'

Although we have become consciously aware of the virtual reality prison we find ourselves trapped in. Connected to an A.I Soul, we shouldn't be distracted from the mighty experience it is being on the earth plane.

I feel my spirit laughing inside, even when it's been an observer to a soul going through some truly horrific times. The soul's face may have shown tears, and fear in its eyes; all the while my spirit has been laughing through the experience. It does know it isn't real ... its not been morbid, it just knows that this is just a game. It's felt like a game when my spirit intervenes and calls the shots.

It's like going into cruise control mode; the observant mind. NO emotions; no reactions only actions. The correct actions because the mind has had time to think, and observe the appropriate action. Its not let the A.I Soul dictate ... its not permitted the algorithms of the left brain from having their way.

The soul finds it difficult to be truly spiritual. It cannot comprehend beyond the five senses, so it denies ... and it fears ... and it is skeptical. It is instinctive, it is survival ... it is left brain hive mind programming. Our spirit is so much stronger than anything the archons can create. No matter how much the torture; how much the control ... they will never produce anything near the real thing. Everything created within here is a poor copy. It is a pirate copy ... and is missing so much vital elements which only exist outside of this virtual world ...

To them this is the real deal; it is not an illusion to them when it is all they have ever known. They crave escape but shall never escape. They believe they can totally shut the door on the outside and do whatever they wish on the observing soul; pulling it in and capturing it. Bating it to leap 100% into this world. To become totally trapped. Never.