Search A Light In The Darkness

Monday, 28 September 2015


It stings like the crack of a whip across mortal flesh. But the wound is not of the physical body. It is a ripping scar within the etheric persona. It is a constant burn. A constant reminder. It is the harshest of lessons to learn within mortal flesh.

The pain being described is the punishment for giving total trust to another human being. Only to have that trust completely abused. 

It is the torture of watching another human being acting without apparent conscience. Rubbing salt in the wound, seemingly oblivious to the wounding of a fellow being, they have caused.

The pain being described is betrayal.

Completely trusting a human being, considered as a friend. Only to get it completely wrong. The punishment for being a caring, helping and generous human being. Somehow the punishment cannot be right, when there is no crime
- Matthew James