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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Totem Animal For The Day

Today's Totem Animal is the Lapwing

The Lapwing is linked to the Celic Ogham AILIM. The traditional use associated with this Ogham is fires and torches.

Lapwing's message is "Conceal your activities to protect and nurture new beginnings. The early phase of new things need to be done in secrecy so that they will not be disrupted. Perceptive and regenerative powers are on the increase at this time"

[Source:The Celtic Oracle by Nigel Pennick]

Lapwing -- Its name derives from its “wavering flight”. The lapwing’s meaning is “disguise is the secret”. The Greek proverb; “more deceitful than a lapwing” meant an “artful beggar” and this comes from the artful way in which the lapwing adapts its behavior to differing threats from differing predators combining illusion and discernment. It knows how to work a situation to its best advantage.