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Monday, 14 September 2015

Totem Animal for the Day

The Short Beaked Echidna (Also known as the Spiny Anteater)

We came across this wonderful critter during our walk earlier today ... something unexpected and something welcomed like a long lost friend.

It's message for us today:

The echidna totem is the child in the medicine wheel. Its advice is to stop focusing on one problem alone. Another lesson that needs be learned from an echidna animal totem is how to find balanced nourishment by eating more healthy. This could be another way of revealing your inner-self.

Just like an echidna, that struggles to find food by digging with its claws, while keeping the balance of reserve energy enough to defend itself from an attacking predator. If all the echidna’s energy is spent in digging ants or termites from the ground then if danger arrives it will have difficult protecting its spines towards the enemy. Just like that, balance in life is taught by the echidna totem to lead a peaceful life.