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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Wombat Totem Animal

Wombat energy can indicate a situation where you are being underestimated or undervalued by society and the people around you.

The good news is that you still possess those talents and abilities that people aren't seeing. You then have the choice to correct other's misunderstandings. It might come as no surprise then that wombat energy also teaches righteous or appropriate aggression. Sometimes it is right, even healthful, to defend yourself and your position.

Wombat energy is grounded by default, putting you in a perfect position to educate others about who you are, and what you're good at. Wombat energy is not a flighty energy, nor is it prone to exaggeration. You know what you are and what you're good at.

Wombat can draw your attention to the foundation of your situation or problem, and then provides the ability to understand multiple levels of it at once. Consciously choosing to work with wombat, or to invite its wisdom into your life, will often create solutions. Seeing into the heart of a situation, seeing the foundation of what caused it, is a gift of more>>>...