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Tuesday, 22 September 2015


Misconception: Most people believe that their defense mechanisms ex- ist to serve and protect them. 

Fact: Some of our defense mechanisms not only lead to self-sabotage but they can also easily be used to manipulate us. 

"GOTCHA! The Subordination Of Freewill" is another knock out, straight to the point, work of art written by Eldon Taylor. It is a must addition to your library of MAGICAL books. I say magical because Gotcha! is a perfect tool for understanding your mind. 

By understanding your mind, you unlock that incredible potential which is hidden in there. The potential for magic, true magic. True magic is when you realise your thoughts are what control the perceptions of the world around you. Change your thoughts and you change your world. 

Eldon again provides the hows, the whys and the need to knows relating to the mind and human behaviour.

Based on years and years of his own research, GOTCHA! revcals how we've had our own minds manipulated and controlled, and basically turned against ourselves. With GOTCHA! it is possible to rediscover ourselves and take back our power!

Misconception: Most people believe conspiracy theories are the work of loons. They are convinced that if there were any truth behind them, the government would check it out publicly. Fair-minded people governed by elected fair-minded representatives with only a few bad apples, that’s the state of affairs.

Fact: Many of the so-called conspiracy theories of the past have turned out to be representations of fact. A common technique used to discredit a theory is to throw in a bit of nonsense from a shill. Government can and has quickly discredited events by sending someone out to burn the flag in front of the cameras. We are subjects—the question is, are we about to be subjugated?

Wake up people! That is the message here. Ignorance is NOT bliss. Its time to seek out the truth for ourselves. Good on you Eldon for producing this wonderful book. GOTCHA! Shoots from the hip, using his own personal research and knowledge ,,,

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