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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Between The Sun And The Moon

"I stood on higher ground, between the sun and the moon. I felt those warming rays of first sun light penetrate my being to the right of me; I felt the emotional tentacles of moonlight touch me from the left of me. The feeling was like no other. Intoxicating. Magical. Enchanting.

So, so powerful.

I remembered then my pagan soul. My ancient part. My authentic self. I know the difference between a truth and the lie. Between the wolf and the coyote.

The trickster I acknowledge. I feel its presence in human veins. Its voice in our minds - insisting on ritual, on routine, on survival, on servitude, on being nothing more than slaves.

Then the sun's warmth penetrates, the imagination flares. We are freedom of expression, we are imagination, we are fire, we are light, we cannot be contained. And that is the truth, the light, the hope, the dream come alive ..." - Matthew James