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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Facing Our Greatest Fear

We are all trapped in the material realms until we can stand face to face with our Dweller On The Threshold. This is a mighty 'demon of fear' created by the accumulation of all our personal fears. It is a mighty hurdle that stands between us and the 'true light realms'.

In legends the otherworlds are the material realms. Manifest planes that exist due to the disharmony of our own fears. We stand in the lowest of these material realms right now. We are hear because we have yet to resolve our accumulated 'karma'. When we leave this realm, we enter the next levels of the manifest planes, at a higher vibration but stil trapped by our material fears.

If we'd overcome the ultimate test of the Dweller then we would not be here. And though the Dweller appears as the most fearsome of demons, it's make up is of all the fear demons we have within us.

The Atlanteans spoke of the sixteen fears, sixteen fear demons that deceive and distract us; that keep us locked in these make believe realms. It was said that once they were all faced, the initiate could then talk to the people's of love. The initiate had overcome its Dweller On The Threshold and no longer required its presence in these initiation realms.

I say to you fellow earth sparrows, become aware of your own personal fears, face your own demons and remember your love of self; your love of the universe; your love of oneness and become the next to need the lesson of seperateness no longer - Matthew James