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Monday, 14 September 2015

Through A Druid's Eyes

Let me introduce my newest project, "Through A Druid's Eyes", which is the first of many side projects I will be creating in the next 12 months. I have busy times ahead. Very busy times. This project came about when I realised I've had a special connection witb the natural world ever since I could first walk. I'm blessed with the ability to read the signs which the natural world presents to me each and every day. I have always acknowledged this unusual view of the world I possess.

It was only recently that I resumed my passion, something I'd done since I held my first camera back in the 1970's and took my first photograph of the natural world. I am very passionate and very proud of the photographs I take. I've never been formally trained as a photographer, but I'm fortunate to have a good eye when taking a picture. I am lucky to understand composition and perspective, two traits I know are vital in picture taking.

Through A Druid's Eyes is a record of all my druid sojourns through the natural world. Currently my Facebook page, 'Through A Druid's Eyes' is the sole outlet for this new project. But watch out for the glossy new website I will be creating. I will be making my pictures available for purchase on the website. I will also be creating a series of short film presentations that will become the quintessential companion to the growing portfolio of photographs. I will be taking the project further, much further in fact, as I am building a huge structural framework for this project. Pulling in all that is necessary for this project to become a very successful venture. But everything takes time.

So for now please visit the THROUGH A DRUID'S EYES facebook page ... here ... please like the page to become eligible to win a FREE A4 PRINT during my giveaways ...