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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Totem Animal for the Day

Today's Totem Animal is the Snakebird or Australasian Darter. A member of the Anhinga genus.

Anhinga is derived from the Tupi ajíŋa (also transcribed áyinga or ayingá), which in local mythology refers to a malevolent demonic forest spirit; it is often translated as "devil bird"

It's message: "The Snakebird can show how to delve into the depths of yourself and chase your dreams, ambitions and goals whether it be physical or spiritual endeavors. He will teach ways to spread your wings of possibilities.

The Snakebird will demonstrate how to fly with utmost timing and precision and only when thoughts and strong intentions are in place. He will teach great maneuverability and swiftness with a very direct "spearheading" approach. Are you open to your emotions and to allow them to guide you? It is time to trust your feelings and go after what you want.

Trust in the Snakebird's abilities for now is the time that your thrust is very powerful."