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Sunday, 20 September 2015

False Perceptuons

There is this scenario, where we THINK we know someone. That we listen to the mind and let it PERCEIVE its own version of a person. When this person fails to conform to our OWN VERSION of that person ... we then accuse that person of not being the person we think that they are.

Remember, the listening solely to the mind, permits us to form a false impression. Feeling and listening with the heart tells us the truth about a person.

When we are experiencing the Chameleon Effect within ourselves, growing and changing in accordance with our own perception of self, we are unlikely to see the true self in other people. How can we when we don't know our own true self? Any judgements made in this phase are likely to be more an false perception than the true light of that other mortal.

And if our perceptions are tainted by an injury incurred at an early stage in our life, we will see the misjudgement of a person as a betrayal or a rejection. Remember all that are seen around us are but reflections of our own self. Thus when someone's true self shines and it fails to match what our mind has preceived, we see the other as being at fault. We refuse to accept the error lies within ourself. - Matthew James