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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The Contradiction

Duality:the state or quality of being two or in two parts; dichotomy

Black and white. Wrong and right. Night and day. Left and right. Joy and sorrow. The list is endless ... duality is the fact of life on this manifest plane. Comparision and contrast. The advanced software learning program which is life on the manifest plane.

It is what we are about, and what we have to survive. A realm of comparisons on a daily basis. As a man or a woman, either/or duality is our nature. It is unavoidable.

We have polar opposites within ourselves. Call it yin and yang. Masculine and feminine energies that course through our being. The male principle or power and the feminine principle or beauty. We have to balance these polarities. It is known medically as hormonal balance or hormonal imbalance. A fact of human life.

Because we are dualistic by nature, it cannot be denied. It needs to be controlled, but that is one of the many facts of life. We must be fearless when approaching our true nature.

There is only one energy, one magic. One nature. It is neither black or white. It is neither left or right. It is non-dualistic. It just is. Yet it is controlled by our inner polarities. Our intentions. Our fears. Our attitudes. This is the big lesson when dealing with magic. It is the attitude we have towards it. The attitude that dictates how we use the universal life force. Our polarities have to be in balance, which goes against the dualism within ourselves. Somehow we have to merge the dual natures. To do this we must go beyond the human and the mortal experience. Here is the contradiction.

To be non-dualistic means to exist beyond the mortal plane. The mortal plane exists only because of the contrasts. If you exist outside of the contrasts then you need not experience the dichotomy. Then why be here?

But to put ourselves in our true self state, which is a non-dualistic self, which we are supposed to do, we must defy this contradiction and exist as a non-dualistic being in a dualistic realm ...

This is the true meaning of spirit in the form of man. But how can spirit have conscious awareness in this realm? Consciousness here is prone to the rules of contrast and dualism. Therefore an entity of non-contrast awareness cannot exist in this realm. This is the crux of the contradiction - Matthew James