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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Native Bird Gallery #1

In recent weeks I've been reconnected with an old passion of mine. As a Celtic Shaman and Druid, I have a very strong connection with the bird magic. I don't profess to be an authority, however, on the meanings and soul messages of the native birds I find myself connected with. I am, however, very aware of the synchronistic connections I've had with birds, and certain animals. Connections I have had for the last 45 years! Birds suddenly appear around me, and act totally out of character. They have always made it to clear to me they have had something to say; or wished me to take note of their sudden appearance. This has always been in my life, and I've at times taken it for granted.

I've now reconnected with the bird magic here in Australia. I take regular walks around Canberra, and am armed with Digital Camera. These galleries contain some of the wonderful friends I've met on my walks.

Incidentally, if anyone would like to purchase prints of these photographs, please e-mail me, Matthew James, at I will send you details of prices and now to purchase these prints, plus the many, many more I have on file ....