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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Totem Animal For The Day

Today's Totem Animal is the Willie Wagtail. This Australia's largest Fantail and its most favourite.

Willie Wagtail's message: The willie wagtail hops into your life to remind you to be cheerful! Much nourishment can come from taking the time to present yourself as cheerful and gregarious to others, even if you're not particularly feeling either. Willie wagtail also comforts with the knowledge that when you reach out to others with cheerfulness, others will often reach out with the same warmth and a smile.

Willie wagtail teaches us how to appeal to others. This may be physically, through how we present ourselves to others and how we maintain our appearance. It can also be through how we communicate and interact with others. It doesn't take very much to make a phrase warmer, or a request or question kinder, and willie wagtail reminds us of this.