Search A Light In The Darkness

Wednesday, 23 September 2015


It's been an incredible day of contrasts. Having spent contemplative time at first light and also at the very last light of the day ... its not been hard to link into the light cycle of this dimension. To get a sense of the incredible joy that the first rays of the sun gives to the Earth. To then experience the sense of hope and gratitude which comes with the last touch of the sun's rays on the earth.

A cold wind, with a below zero chill factor, blew its harshness this morning, making it a time to acknowledge the dweller within. A good time to take stock and observe the experience. For this week represents a period of growth and awareness. The cold winds of change are blowing, but how many aware of the major spiritual significance this week? Not enough people ...

There are likely to be an increase in sinus related 'illnesses' this week and for the months ahead. So many of us, who are drones to the medical lies, will dash to their doctors for cures. When in truth it is anything but the sinus. The sacred pineal gland has to adjust to the increase in light signals being absorbed from now on.

A first light experience this morning and for the last few mornings, has increased my own personal awareness. My perceptions are not the same anymore, and my ability to walk beyond the veils has increased dramatically.

The amount of holy light being sent to the earth has increased incredibly. First light is the best time to experience those signals ... signals that indicate incredible change for this world - Matthew James