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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Skinwalkers United

We are all equal, we are all one. All infinite expressions of the one creation together on the manifest plane. We are all equal, but it has been forgotten.

Mankind sees animal and bird and fish and tree and flower and insect. His ego puts himself superior to all living things. He sees himself as different, as a thousand miles ahead in the evolution game.

But he is not. The science of the DNA - the crystalline antenna that decodes light - declares man is not much different than all other living things. DNA differs little between man and animal and bird and tree and flower and fish and insect.

Welcome everyone to skinwalkers united here on earth. Man has forgotten that the soul within his or her flesh is also the same consciousness alive in the creatures seen around this world. With mind this truth is dismissed by the ego. With heart this truth is felt and the ability to connect with other skinwalkers resurfaces.

Telepathy between man and fellow man is a truth. Telepathy between man and other creatures is also true. To link to the soul of Raven or a Kangaroo or a Salmon, for example, enables man to become the animal and understand its part within the one soul.

Shamans around the world have traditionally done this for aeons. Wearing the skins of wolf or deer or bear ... brings the shaman in touch with the soul of that animal.

Human skinwalkers remember you are soul wthin the skin of the animal known as man. Don't let the ego forget this simple fact. Instead let the heart feel this fact so you can rejoice in this reality
- Matthew James