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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Fork In The Road

There's been a split in the road. Two equal pathways stretch out before you. Do you know which road you've taken? There was no signpost. No indication that one road is real, and the other leads to the land of illusion.

But this is where we are right now. The choosing is being made. It is not easy to discern any difference between the two roads. Unless you know the key. Unless you've been following the clues.

The answer lies in the type of path you've been creating. Mind or heart? Do you think you see what is in life? Do you listen to your mind or do you feel with your heart? That is where the answer resides.

Its already too late to turn around. You are now on your road. Divisions have now been made. Friends you thought were friends will now leave your life. They are on the other pathway to you. People you never thought would be friends now arrive in your life. They are on the same pathway as you.

Too much judgement and criticism of others hangs in the air like a clammy mist. There will be those who will sculk in those mists and gain pleasure in that glamour. That is their choice. There will be others who will have no interest in those delusions of the mind. They watch the sun and the moon instead. They focus on what lies ahead. For there is so much work to still be done - Matthew James