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Friday, 17 May 2019

Chemtrails Exposed

[Conspiracy Revelation]: We could focus on other things…but unfortunately daily Chemtrails do not allow us to focus on other things… Total Control of Everything is their End-Insane Aim.

No Real God would let this pass or approve it…the control of the World in the hands of a pathocratic multi-dimensional saboteurs and enslavers.

A True God or Avatar, Pharao, Liberator, Bhagwan, Boddhisattva, Buddha, Enlightened One must stand for Freedom, Harmony, Health, Veracity and Truthfulness. Not Slavery, Cruelty, Sickness, Malice and Guilefulness.

Agenda21 will provide the mechanism needed to gain complete control over nature, societies, the natural life cycle as we once knew it. Agenda 21, once it is fully implemented, will spell the end of human access (the common people that is) to wilderness areas, the formation of Centralized “Planned-opolis” ghettos (managed by a powerful committee of Technocratic Elites), where-in the government can/will systematically determine the limits of growth via sterilization programs, the abolishing of any/all principles of self-determination of the body, a unilateral ban on organic produce, the cutting off of all natural resources ie. fresh water, clean air.

Literally blocking out the Sun’s Ultra Violet Rays via round-the-clock Chemtrail aerosol spray saturation of our skies with Aluminum, Barium & Strontium particulates, micro-bacterial viruses & Level 4 Bio-lab produced Nano-particle technology (self-replicating, self-repairing) – designed to overtake & weaken the Immune System.

The consortium of Technocratic Elites who comprise the dominant Military, Scientific (& Medical) Industrial Complex now literally own our skies, and are routinely, systematically, deliberately messing with nature’s natural cycles (Integration of Chemtrail & HAARP technologies) in order to pin the blame on man-made “Climate Change”; part of a devious, calculated “Ponzi Scheme” hatched through the United Nations (led by Globalist tycoon Maurice Strong), to use any/all anthropogenic impact on the environment (ie. Carbon Dioxide – vital to sustaining all plant/tree life on earth) as a pretext for taxing the common people back into the Middle ages, whilst imposing gradually worsening austerity measure on our communities, till the masses eventually learn to live with nothing…and grovel on our knees for Global Governance total control over our lives & more>>>...

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