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Sunday, 19 May 2019

Develop Your Psychic and Intuitive Ability

[Daily Om]: The word "psychic" is such a loaded term that "intuitives" recently began using that word instead to define themselves. But psychic actually stems from a Greek word meaning "of or relating to the soul!" 

It simply means a kind of natural knowing that we all share. For example, we've all felt the difference between the energy in a church and that in a bar or on a beach. Something just "feels" different. 

That feeling is extrasensory perception or ESP. We are all psychic to some degree just as we all have at least some musical, artistic, or athletic ability, and if we cultivate our natural abilities we can bring out and enhance them. 

But Western culture and education has tended to minimize intuition in favor of intellect, so that by the time a child is seven years old, a lot of their "fairy" experiences drop by the wayside from neglect. Developing one's intuitive ability is about waking some of that up again. Everyone has met someone new and had a kind of "off" inkling about them, a sense that they might be best avoided. If we intentionally practice trusting and relying on those intuitive promptings, we find ourselves awakening to them more. 

Our natural intuition begins to come to the fore. You could say we then become more psychic, but really we're just learning to pay attention to what's already there. I call that "turning on the equipment." We all have the intuition equipment, but not everyone's is activated. 

We humans typically spend most of our time in the part of our mind called the "intellect," but the intellect is very limited when it comes to knowing ourselves. Like a computer, the intellect just knows what it's been programmed to know; it only puts out the information it's been filled with. But fortunately we all have a higher mind that goes far beyond the intellect. 

In our higher mind we have access to much more. It's the place where we can find inspiration, new ideas, and connection to all sorts of higher guidance and support. The oracles you mentioned - decks, pendulums, and so on - provide a kind of bridge for us to go beyond our intellect and tune in higher. We can use these tools as a jumping-off point, not only at the beginning of our training but later. Many accomplished psychics still use decks, runes, and so on as a way to jump-start their more>>>..

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