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Saturday, 18 May 2019

How Bilderberg stretches coincidence too far....

[David Icke]: THE Bilderberg Group, consisting of between 120 and 150 political leaders and experts from industry, finance, academia and media from Europe and North America, have been meeting annual since their first gathering in Bilderberg of all places in 1954.

If that was the only co-incidence in this article the world would be a much more straight forward, transparent and, dare I say, safer place.

So what happens at these meetings. According to the official website, participants can ‘take time to listen, reflect and gather insights. There is no detailed agenda, no resolutions, no votes and taken and no policy statements are issued.

So far, so good. In an ideal world, that would make Bilderberg an invaluable and noble organisation. The idea the world’s most influential folk take time to think about their actions and gain more insight from speaking with each other is brilliant. I don’t even intend to argue that any of the website’s claims are factually incorrect.

But what we do know is we are not in an ideal world. Particularly in this fast-moving age, to get a handful of the most rich and powerful folk in the same room at the same room to effectively contemplate their own navels is a bit fanciful. But to distract the attentions of up to 150 for four full days on an annual basis is pure Santa Claus. It simply wouldn’t happen.

One obvious criticism of Bilderberg is its secrecy. This itself is no ‘conspiracy theory’ as the same website describes its gatherings as being of a ‘private nature’. But should they wish to put the public’s mind at rest – the 99.999 per cent of us who will never get an invitation but might just be interested what our leaders are up to – they’re not doing a particularly good job.

Infact, arguably, it’s getting worse. Bilderberg media say they post details of the next meeting on the website. Well, it’s nigh on Bilderberg 2019 time folks, and there sure ain’t any official info yet (unless this happens between me writing this article and its publication).

There were rumours it was being held in Ottawa on May 15 to 19 but I think we can now rule that one out unless their diligent media staff are all on vacation.

Next up, or is it, it could be Sierra City in June.

Instead the Bilderberg site continues to tell us all (or something) about Turin 2018. Juicy topics were populism in Europe, the inequality challenge, artificial intelligence, the US before midterms, free trade, US world leadership, Russia, quantum computing, Saudi Arabia and Iran, ‘post-truth’ world and current events.

Now that would make for a whopper of a Question Time. Only problem is these folks clearly aren’t open to question. We don’t even know who or where they are!

Attending on behalf or the United Kingdom (or perhaps on their own behalf, who knows?) included Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of England, former Chancellor of the Exchequer and current London Evening Standard editor George Osborne, and Amanda Rudd, former Home Secretary, now Secretary of State for Work and Pensions.

The key question is, of course, should we be bothered? Well, unless you believe in a whole host of co-incidences over the past 50 years, I’d respectfully suggest we should.

Let’s start with Rudd, so clearly out of favour after resigning as Home Secretary following the Windrush scandal. Then a few months after rubbing shoulders with fellow elites, she’s back in business by November in a pivotal Government post. Co-incidence? Quite possibly…

What we do know, according to Wikipedia no less, is that all but one British Prime Minister has attended Bilderberg at some stage in the last 50 years. And I believe they are wrong about the one for Sir John Major is also a Bilderberger. Must have sneaked in via the back door.

That wouldn’t be overly significant but for the fact most were not already in the role when they first went to Bilderberg.

Going back nearly half-a-century Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath who ‘served’ (if that’s the right word) from 1970 to 1974, was an attendee of Bilderberg in the years 1963 and 1964.

Now I find that particularly interesting because it wasn’t until the following year, 1965, that he became leader of the Conservative Party. Co-incidence? That’s beginning to stretch it a bit.

Heath lost out to Labour in two General Elections in 1974 but there is no evidence of either Harold Wilson, who resigned in 1976, or his successor James Callaghan, who held the office as PM until 1979, being invited to Bilderberg.

That ‘honour’ went instead to a certain Margaret Thatcher who first attended in 1975, the very same year she took over quite surprisingly from Heath as Tory leader. The dumb and blind mainstream media like you to believe that Conservatives of the time had become very enlightened and wanted to appoint a female leader. But why really did the unpopular woman known as ‘milk snatcher’ from her time as Secretary of State for Education from 1970 to 1974 suddenly become top dog? Was she given a nudge in the right direction from her friends at Bilderberg? Certainly, an interesting co-incidence, at the very least.

Mrs T is listed as also attending Bilderberg in 1977, fairly shortly before storming into power in 1979, and again in 1986, around 12 months before her more surprising victory over Neil Kinnock’s Labour. Perhaps it was not so much a case of ‘last one out shut the door’ and the bumbling Kinnock paying for his stumble on the beach but Thatcher being the one in transnational favour?

Then Thatcher committed a huge Bilderberg own goal. On October 30, 1990 she uttered her iconic ‘no. no, no’ to greater central controls for Europe in one of her most famous speeches in Parliament.

Bilderberg participants are renowned for their support of the European Union – so much for no agenda! – and literally within days she was on the slippery slope out of number ten.

What the miner’s strike, the Falklands War, the poll tax riots, even the emergence of New Labour under Kinnock couldn’t do, the EU-backing grandees of the Tory Party managed almost instantly – to get rid of the Iron Lady.

Very few people forecast the Tories’ next move. In came the apparently vanilla John Major into the hot seat. John who, we asked? But, yes, he, too, had already attended Bilderberg and, let’s recall, took us deeper and deeper into the European Union.

Now it begins to get decidedly murky.

John Smith, then Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, attended the 1989 gathering and reportedly promised to return the following year with suggestions for social and economic reform.

Oh, no, bad career move – even worse than Mrs T’s.

Smith was never invited again but, in his place, come 1983 was a fresh-faced, air-headed nobody by the name of Tony Blair.

We all know what happened next. Smith suffered a heart attack when at the heights of his powers and popularity as the new Labour leader in 1994 and Blair jumped in front of Gordon Brown to take his place.

And, would you believe it, all stars were suddenly aligned in Labour’s favour for the first time in decades as Blair swept into Downing Street in 1997 and furthered the globalists’ agenda to this country’s everlasting cost and shame,

When Blair needed a safe-ish pair of hands to pass the by then poisoned chalice to he chose Gordon Brown, another Bildeberger, who subsequently signed the UK’s future away through the Lisbon Treaty.

And waiting in the wings was yet another Bilderberger David Cameron, with his Bilderberg mate Osborne and the father of Bilderberg and arguably the real power behind the throne Ken Clarke, to take us yet further into the wilderness.

Then came Brexit, the people woke up and it all ended happily ever after with no more Bilderberg and no more EU.

Not quite. But we should continue to question until we get proper answers and, if we don’t get them, cast this secretive bunch into more>>>...

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