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Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Socialism (communism) would mean THE END of all natural medicine and organic food

[Natural News]: Oh no, the world is not burning up, or drowning, or freezing to death any time soon, though the Democrats would have you believe otherwise, while worshipping at their climate change fanatics’ thrones in Washington. 

No, 97 percent of the world’s scientists never agreed that global warming is real, that was a big lie too.

It’s quite obvious from the multi-thong scourge of natural medicine and organic food across all of social media, Google, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, newspapers, magazines, and television networks, that if the Left ever does seize the White House again, you can wave goodbye to the America you know right now.

From the highly destructive and eventually catastrophic “Green New Deal” that would incapacitate all U.S. farming equipment inside of 10 years, to the FAKE global warming Ponzi scheme that would bankrupt the middle class, the insidious Left is waging war against everything holy, including religion, clean water, clean food, citizenship, health rights, gun rights, free speech, free press, and the list goes on.

The end goal? To turn all conservatives and religious Americans into sick, dumb, broke “zombies” that are controlled by a police state nanny government. But just the opposite is happening, it’s just not ever mentioned by the mass media. Take a more>>>..

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