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Thursday, 16 May 2019

The Sun’s Recent Magnetic Storm Bodes Asking About EMFs, RFs And 5G

[David Icke]: The largest magnetic storm in two years, which hit Earth on Tuesday, is no joke, Russian scientists warned, saying that increased solar activity threatens electronics and people’s health.

Below is a chart showing the EMF spectrum and, specifically, where various electromagnetic frequencies ‘reside’. Note that Gamma rays emanate from outer space; are radioactive; but the chart does not include the Sun’s frequency. However, that EMF spectrum chart also has not been revised to indicate where on the spectrum 5G will be ‘broadcasting’ from. Radar is listed, so that probably will be the 5G range, which is the millimeter wave length, or what’s been referred to as “weaponized wavelengths.”

So, what will happen when all the above is compounded by the addition of man-made 5G millimeter waves ‘raining’ down from 20,000 satellites in space? Has anyone really given deeper thought to that other than 5G will facilitate the Internet of Things with what amounts to faster “Wi-Fi” and the “spies” from the sky? The Sun is 92.96 million miles away and affects [“threatens”] people’s health!

What are the unknowns about 5G affecting or threatening people’s health from satellites—a mere 36,000 kilometers above the Earth’s equator—and telephone poles [300 feet away?] in our neighborhoods? No one knows; nor do authorities want to know. Do you want to know? If so, then ask your local, state and federal representatives to find out for you. more>>>>...

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