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Saturday, 11 May 2019

Will You Be A RED Top or a YELLOW Top??

It was a very powerful and evocative astral projection in the early hours of this morning, that made me realise just how this human depopulation madness might pan out.

In this projection, people were receiving red tops and yellow tops via the postal service. With the top came an instruction where you were to travel to .... dependent on the colour of the top your received.

It was more ominous if it was a RED top as they were delivered by hand, by armed personnel. Who immediately took me from my home with only the clothes on my back; into their secure military vehicle.

My wife had received a YELLOW top in the mail the day before ... and was to go to a specified address in our local area.

In this projection, I realised the significance of the RED and the YELLOW tops... Anyone receiving a YELLOW top were going to be rehoused in a smart house and work as a prison drone for the one world organisation.

Those given the RED top were to be taken away to a military facility, where they would be taken from this world via a lethal injection.

The projection was totally real in its occurrence. I woke this morning with a stark realisation ... I'd maybe witnessed how it was going to happen in a few years time.

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