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Sunday, 12 May 2019

Would you want Big Tech to know exactly where you are in your private vehicle? Get ready for “Android Auto,” the latest surveillance tech from Google

These Google algorithms only work IF we let them work. If we refuse to be manipulated into the direction these A.I algorithms are taking us, it all falls down. And the worst thing that can happen? 

We once survived OK as a civilisation without the internet. We can again. I can remember a pre-internet world and things were fine.

[Natural News]: Data collection is big business and Google is at the forefront of this industry, providing people with conveniences while siphoning away user privacy in the process.

Google knows everything about you – your daily routines, where you travel, who you interact with, what you’re interested in, what you’re looking for. Their algorithms analyze this data and can predict where you’ll go in the future, what you’re most likely to purchase, who you’re most likely to engage with, etc.

The data is sold to third parties so advertisers can manipulate you like a puppet. Third parties use the data and track you across social media, email, news feeds, etc. to make you consume, think, and act the way they need you to.

Big Tech is manipulating you.

This plot is not only about turning you into a good consumer slave, but it’s also about manipulating your political beliefs, your ideologies, and controlling your emotions toward a particular subject, and so much more. Google and other tech giants are building a psychological profile on you. They are using algorithms to understand what matters most to you, what motivates you, why you vote the way you do, and how it can be changed. The tech giants are now open about removing independent thinkers from their platforms.

Using defamation, tech giants are removing profiles, pages, and content they have declared to be “hateful” or “dangerous.” Prominent conservatives and independent thinkers are being taken off social media. Now the consequences of wide-scale data collection and privacy loss are evident. Wide scale data collection empowers these tech giants, their leadership, their business interests, and their political goals, giving them the ability to control journalism and manipulate free thought that they don’t agree with. They are using data and AI analysis of this data to stop the free flow of ideas in what was once a free more>>>...

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