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Monday, 6 November 2006

New Age Scripts

And new lands will replace the old,
Waters of the earth cleansing the evil of the old,
And relics of old civilisations will appear,
In stark defiance of the lies spoken by the frightened men,
Those of mankind who cruelly rule the majority.

But know their cities of evil will drown,
As will their churches of darkness,
Gone to the wind,
Lost to the sea,
Swallowed up by the gaping jaws of the fire lions.
For the time is at hand,
Mankind thy society breaks down,
It is a terminal case,
It departs to make way for the new.

And Mr. Money man,
You won't be there,
For you are the cause of the evil,
As is you Mr. Politician,
For you fed the lies to the crowds,
And Mr Clergyman,
You are the servant of the chaos lords
Your lies down through the ages of man,
Has drawn Lucifer to you ..

Repent oh! misguided fools,
Be thy own judge and jury,
And executioner if need be,
Before you stands the promised land!
For no actions are a sin,
Whatever ye be ye reside in heaven.

I give to you now the NEW AGE,
Foolish man are you a brave man after all,
Will you admit to weakness?
For it was not your fault at all,
You knew no different,
Forgive yourself now,
And join the free thinking band that walks the new lands,

Discover now with they the truth,
For soon comes a oneness with all.
But first must come the rising seas,
The drowning of the many,
The leaking dam walls,
The earthquakes in the places of evil,
For the earth must cleanse itself of its negative aspects,
Thus mankind must be culled,
And those of disharmony unmade.

Not those of you who were victims,
But those who consciously plotted the chaos,
They are the ones who must begin again,
As the tiny amoeba that floats in the sea,
Or as the virus that is absorbed by the skin,
For they are deemed to have lost the love of creation,
Thus they must acquire that energy again,
So it is themselves that punish,
Not anything else,

So foolish man you are a victim,
You committed no crime,
Thus walk now the new land,
And let the universal positivity enter now thy mind.


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