Search A Light In The Darkness

Sunday, 12 November 2006


Haunted by the unknown each and every night
Spells and barriers fail to prevent its hold
The white grimoires must record ...
To warn the flies who come this way
A spidery power more than the Mage exists here
And though the Mage is fearless
Permitting no echoes to reach the entity
A web of disruption shakes his shore
Mirror glass shards line the hall ...
Each and every night here
Presenced by a shadow
A formless energy
Silently lurking ...
Walls of thinking
Barriers of protection fail
It still reaches through ...
To prod and poke and touch ...
It began ... an essence of humour
Feet left free of cover .... brushed against in the night
But quickly ... it became much more
Lifting in its mysteriousness ...
An enchantment reminding him of the young child
Throttled with fear in the night
Screaming out ... clandestine presence
Abduction returning?
Maybe .... it may come to something more ...
But, the Mage knows he is presenced not away from this shore
Until perhaps ... it finds his light
And resumes its quest to haunt him ...
Thus the white grimoires record
They report his fearlessness
And his inability to cleanse with spell or light or barrier ....

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