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Monday, 6 November 2006

Mara Gimel - Camel Of The Mystic Sea

On the ancient structure the Traveller stands
Amid all the disarray
Spying all the smoke screen trails
All the delusions
All the glamours.

He exists within all the confusion
... feelings its insanity course through his veins
Panic fills his mind
... madness flares.

The earth is changing ... faster, faster now on a vibrant wheel
Base resonance affecting invented time
Sheep with tunnel vision tune in still to sport and wealth
Poverty stricken souls circumnavigate the earth
Wars and atrocity rock the walls of civilisation
Smoke screens and glamours
... the illusions the Qliptha use to blind the children ...

His vessel spins round and round in the maelstrom
Corrosion rots his keel
... ambition plummets to earth with broken wings
Depression induces misfire
... and plumes of insanity flow forth from his consciousness

He fails to see
... he fails to act ...
... he only reacts to it all ...
... and that is the contribution the Qliptha wish from he ...

Adding to the confusion
Scalding the white light with visions of grey acid
The surface of the mirror tarnished by lizard's claws
... the shadow's wish for the earth and her children.

Clearly now he treks the awful Abyss
... reaching close to his destination
Through the fog ... the Camel has cross the great ocean
... has sighted land ...

But the Qliptha on the wing cannot let it know that truth
... they send compass needles spinning into a vortex
Confusing directions ... trails within trails ...
Trials of temptation to lead it away from the truth.

Within the course of changes which rock the mother earth
Know the magnetic poles are to re-align
The vibration of the orb shall quicken
... to break free from machine time.

And ... at the same instance ...
... know the Camel shall cross the mystic sea
Connecting its lower self to its super conscious true self
Forming thus a conduit between those disconnected
... and those waiting on the outside ...

And know that the Qliptha shall attack this mortal man
... more than any other ...
For the travelling Camel is the lamb ...
... and the earth is the altar on which his flesh is seared by shadow
But his light will prevail despite all the instrusion
... despite the illusion
... despite the confusion ...

Rest assured if you are this child
You shall not be damned
Follow the path of the camel
Mara Gimel ... this is your life ...
You shall succeed in the end

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