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Saturday, 4 November 2006

Controlled By Waking Moments

Part i - Going Nowhere But Seemingly Somewhere
It’s all about waking attitude
How you feel in the moment
Certain feelings take centre stage
Many emotions are in the cauldron
Night demons lurk,
Eager to influence the waking day ...
Things are never as bad at they seem
It’s down to the attitude
Viewing the last entry in the book
In the chapter last contemplated
Deep in the reference library of the insane ...
A soul goes nowhere
There is no journey through life
It is a static moment
A dream of illusion
But the lurker has fooled the crowd
As the sheep held in rapture
Has created a life in a world around a theme
Which has all sparks completely fooled ...
Dwelling outside
Looking in
Separate to the scene
Awareness mystified with feelings
A body which is apparently it in the scene
Confusion over load
True location taken away in all the melee
The waking moment determines the bearing
A computer moving from stand by
Into the first program the operator loads into the RAM
Determining the attitude of the dreamer
Pointing the cursor on the pen which the lurker desires on a whim
To enrapture the sheep in that dangerous moment
Because the demon strikes when the spark least expects it
When its defences are at its lowest

Part ii - Mind Creations
...Thoughts ...
...Feelings ....
... it takes to be its own ...
... they are in its mind ...
... it must be its intention ...
... the sadness ... the depression ... the oppression ...
Can only be its own creation ... it cannot comprehend anything else

Part iii - Controlled By Waking Moments
It sees itself not as the flotsam in the electrical sea ...
It perceives its mass as the ocean liner ...
A gracious passage through this wondrous cruise ...
If told otherwise ... it will go into a state of cruel denial
Spitting feathers ... pointing an accusers hand ...
And why ... why react in this way?
Because it knows the voice of reason speaks the truth
The spark inside has lost its position ... it has been disconnected ...
It yearns to find its way out of this illusory storm.
In the whirlpool it swings round and round
A child with the discarded toy
It is not the place portrayed by an outside gaze
Once inside the interior of the electrical surge
A spark becomes the corybantic dreamer ... trapped under the lunatic moon
An essence composed in major composition of H2O ... an illusory liquid
Water the source of life ...and the means of major manipulation
Completely overrun by cycles of domination ...
The feeling builds from birth to death ...
Where there is still no escape ...
For what the spark thinks in cognitive processes within that time
Fooled into believing it is within that surge ... is that being it sees ...
It finds itself in another part of the surge on another frequency
Misbelievers tricked into one off existence ... form impressions of the beyond
Self fulfilling reality ... made from their thoughts ...
They end up in the hell they were fooled into thinking
And the lurker screams in rapture ... because the gaolers there ... are themselves
It is they who trap themselves ...
Straight from the start ...
From the minute they cross through the semi permeable membrane
And find themselves trapped in the surge
With their true locality and their true origin ... forgotten ...
Controlled by those waking moments ....

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