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Thursday, 23 November 2006

'The Daily Merlin' FORECAST VI

Merlin Tarot for Thursday 23rd November 2006
  2. 2 OF FISHES (Freedom)
  3. 8 OF BEASTS (Skill)
  4. 3 OF FISHES (Suffering)
  5. 6 OF FISHES (Transition)

The Magician is powerless here amid the torments of the material plane. Its arts, though cast in the material plane, require the intervention of the other realms to spark into action. This takes time. So Magician, stand firm and believe that your thoughts and your castings will work.

Freedom and a recognition for your skills are in the spell cast. it is bound to return and reap its dividends. Life is a transition at this moment in time. The elements of earth, air and water are represented in the working. You must provide the other two - the fire and the spirit/aether.

Little progress will be made on the earth plane to decelerate the suffering of this current cycle. However, your pleas and your needs have not been overlooked by higher forces. Watch for a progression of thoughts which you will recognise as the guiddance from the levels which exist way beyond conventional comprehension.

You will find yourself saying and doing and reacting in a way which is not expected and not considered.

Good luck

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