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Sunday, 12 November 2006

White Grimoire Energetics

There is magic in all which he writes
In all the imagery which his word creates
Which eyes absorb ... and mind interprets
For the soul to wander ....
Along illusory avenues
Through mystical vales
For beyond the torture of the mind control enmasse
Be free in the tales
Be free in the visions suspended in these shores
Magic energetics
White grimoires ... alive in a way of their own
Beyond the limits of the human places ...

Free radical energetics of thought
Not limited by opinion
Freed ... to be planted in any dream
In any pathway beyond the limits of lies ....
Energetics here and now ...
To create anything and everything
In nothing ...
For the philosophy of he who creates the white
Knows that white and black are the same
Knows that polarity exists only where there is illusion
But the truth is ....
The energetics bring the stillness
That which destroys division
It is peace and it is everything which opposes this illusion
It is the tracks which leads to dissolution
And the end of the dream ..........
Be warned,
The energetics are potent
They are not to be taken lightly
For they lead to the greatest depths a mind can go
They lead to madness for those not equipped with realisation of truth ...
Or comprehension of what is the dream ....

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