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Sunday, 12 November 2006

Step Outside Of The Square

Step outside of the square
Rise above the hum of the crowd
Let your voice be heard in the hills
Like reverberations in the snow
An avalanche of difference to come falling down
Down onto the roof tops
Of programmed thinking
Be that difference
Be more than just another sheep
Without fear the walls fall down
The demons have no hold on you
Once you shine
Shine bright
And let others follow you
Step outside of the square
Climb up out of the rut
Be the note heard in the cacophany
The one note that leads the orchestra
Be the first beat of the metronome
And set the rhythm of the soul
To change
To be on a different wavelength
Its within you to be this
Each and every one
Free to resonate as they choose
Darkness and light choices to make
Be neither yet both
Be both but neither
By being one and complete
Complete containing both
Still of no polarity

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